Warm Bodies Treats and Recipes

For February’s discussion of Warm Bodies, I brought dinner for the group.  In the book, Pad Thai is consumed more than once, so I took a stab at making some Chicken Pad Thai for the group.  I didn’t take any pictures of it, but you can find the recipe that I used here.

I added some fish sauce since all of the other recipes I found included it (thanks so much to Tara for supplying said fish sauce).  While I found it to be entirely too fishy for my tastes, everyone who partook said they’d enjoyed it.  So it either wasn’t terrible or our steepers are very polite people.

The real treat came from Steeper Terri who delighted us all with a box marked “biohazard.”  Inside were the most delectable cupcakes ever!  She made vanilla cakes (dyed red of course) with raspberry “blood” on fondant brains!  They were delicious and gruesome!  Thank you, Terri!

As for our special “tea-of-the-month,” a delightful blend from Adagio teas was ordered.  Zombie Romance is awesome, made with blood orange and cinnamon … and maybe a touch of magic.  It was, by far, our most enjoyed and sampled tea.  If you’re interested (and you should be) find it here.

Please note my fabulous zombie librarian mug and the funny valentines I brought for the steepers!

The mug reads: They are Smarter!  They are Stronger!  They are HUNGRY!

Gosh, I love being a librarian. 🙂