Terrible Teapot Tuesday: May 2016

Gnome Tea CozySo, I know it’s not an actual teapot, but I wanted to share something I thought was quite special. I found this amazing garden gnome tea cosy through wonderful British designer Cath Kidston. Friends, I love this thing. I find garden gnomes delightfully tacky and I think we all know my love of tea. Needless to say, I coveted this tea cosy.

That being said, I did not love the price tag nor that I had to spend extra monies for free shipping nor that I would have to wait for it to arrive from over the pond . . . I know, I know, first world problems. 

It occurred to me that I had some left over yarn from some recent projects and I thought, “Meh, I could probably make my own version of this with just some stuff that I’ve got lying around.” Plus, I realized, why would I want my gnome tea cosy to be unhappy? Seriously, look at that expression. He should be happy to be warming my tea!

Therefore, I’m happy to introduce Roderick. My not-quite as professional looking version of this teapot cosy is at least smiling. My husband shakes his head in my general direction. Roderick the tea cosy


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