Womp Womp

I’m afraid, dear friends, I will not be sharing my Bahston Cream Cupcake recipe with you today. Why, you ask? Simply because it was not fit for human consumption.

First, I made cupcakes that I think I put in the oven a touch too long since they started to shrink and pucker on the tops a la photo exhibit one:


Sad shrunken cupcake : – (

Gotta be honest though: they actually tasted pretty amazing despite being ugly. In fact, I put them in an airtight container and have been munching on them for almost a whole month with nothing on them at all. Delicious.

Sadly, however, I was so freaked out by their shrunken look that I made a whole new batch of cupcakes, finally remembering to use my silicon cupcake molds. See exhibit two:


Oooooo, so pretty. Very yum.

Then I had to go and RUIN these cupcakes by inserting the filling, which instead of being lovely and delicious, simply soaked into the spongy cake and turned it into terrible dense hockey pucks. Turrible.

Then I covered it with the worst chocolate ganache that I’ve ever made. See exhibit three:

Bahston Cream Cupcakes

Kinda pretty, but not so tasty.

I should have done a mix of semi sweet and milk chocolate, me thinks. The ganache was too bitter, the cake too dense, the filling too nonexistent. This was a big ole’ recipe fail all around.

Steeper Melissa said, “Sorry, but not your best.” Too true, my friend, too true.

I think I served some kind of tasty tea, but to be honest, I don’t remember what it was because I was so upset about the stupid cupcakes.

October’s a selection from Edgar Allan Poe, who was born in Boston . . . should I try again? I can’t decide.

Sorry gang. My promise of tasty treats fell totally flat in September.


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