Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

Shutter IslandFor September, we read Dennis Lehane’s 2003 mystery Shutter Island. This book was made into a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio in 2010. Steeper Kristin had submitted this book for our consideration quite some time ago. I must admit that we picked it from the teapot a few times previously. This time, when we chose this title and it looked like it was going to be discarded again, Kristin murmured with displeasure, “We’re never going to read that book.” Well, that was enough to make sure we chose it!

It ended up being a solid decision since almost 100 percent of our attendees (including two new members, yay!) completed the read. We all ended up finding it pretty creepy and twisty, which as you may or may not know, horrors! horrors! is our motto. Shutter Island definitely provides plenty of horrors. We found that it is wise to consider our narrator as unreliable, as is often the case with mysteries. The majority of us enjoyed the twist and didn’t catch on too early. A few of our members were hip to what was going on way early.

Surprisingly few of us had seen the Scorcese film prior to reading the novel and we all seemed to like it that way. Those of us who watched the movie afterward were underwhelmed. Despite a fairly stellar cast (DiCaprio being the least of these), we found that the movie attempted to beat the viewer over the head with too loud discordant music which actually decreased the suspense. As Steeper Melissa exclaimed in frustration, “Scorcesio!” It’s going to be our new curse word . . . . or a way to call the power of WonderTwins, or something like that. Try it, screaming “Scorcesio!” can actually be quite soothing.

We felt like one of our steepers seemed to have read a different book than the rest of us, his understanding and interpretation of the novel was so wholly different from our collective one. We agreed it was worth the read, despite several of us admitting that we may have found ourselves skimming the novel, mostly to get to the next clue.

Miss Kristin also found a really interesting theory about the end, but I don’t want to post any big spoilers here. So, if you’d like to know the secrets of Shutter Island . . . guess you’ll have to visit me at the library and check out a copy!

Our rating average turned out to be about 3.75 teacups, but since I only go by halves, we’ll round it up to 4!

4 teacups


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