Terrible Teapot Tuesday: October

It’s October, my friends! My favorite time of the year is fall: crisp air, warm tea, cosy blankets, mulled cider . . . it’s the best!

While I’m woefully behind on updating you all on what we’ve been reading, eating, & drinking, I couldn’t miss out on sharing this month’s terrible teapot. Every October, the gang at Read It & Steep choose something with a creepy or supernatural aspect.  This year, Steeper Melissa reminded us that she’s a huge Edgar Allan Poe fan and asked if she could curate a few stories and poems for us. She allowed us to add one or two in addition to her selections too.

In keeping with this theme, I thought, “Well, I bet someone somewhere has made a terrible teapot paying homage to this master of the macabre.” I was right!

Edgar Allan Poe TeapotIsn’t it dreadful?! Of course, I have seen worse people teapots, but this one is still pretty bad. I will admit to being relieved that the tea doesn’t pour out of Mr. Poe’s nose or mouth . . . or raven for that matter. Can you imagine having a cuppa out of this fella once upon a midnight dreary?

I found this gem on pinterest, attached to an ebay listing. Alas, the sale was over.  I think Melissa might like to have this in her collection! Then I saw that it was selling at $149 and I thought that even if the listing was still live . . . . I wouldn’t be bidding. Alas.

RavenThen I thought I’d poke around a little further and I found this teapot which is not terrible at all.  I would love to have one like this, but again, the price is a bit pricey for me. $380 means I wouldn’t ever drink out of it and honestly, what would be the fun in that? This one was found at book riot among a couple other lovely pots.

Melissa found some Poe inspired tea for us to drink at our meeting, but I won’t be buying us a special teapot at those prices, I fear.

We’re reading:

The Black Cat (Melissa’s favorite)
The Pit and the Pendulum
Berenice (my favorite)
The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar
The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether
The Fall of the House of Usher

and some poems:

Annabel Lee
The Raven


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