Terrible Teapot Tuesday: Mardi Gra Edition

ttt6This week’s special teapot is honor of Mardi Gra and Fat Tuesday.  I found it through the Cedar Creek Gallery and it is created by Sharon Woodward.  I, personally, don’t find this one as terrible as some of the others I’ve shared (and certainly not as bad as some of the ones I plan on sharing!).  I just can’t imagine myself being like, “Yes!  I want to drink something that looks like it’s coming out of her nose!”  That being said, I guess the nose is the natural spout if you’re making a teapot that looks like a face.  I give big props to Ms. Woodward for the smart styling of the pony-tail as handle.  I dig it.

Anyway, eat a donut, have fun today, but remember to stay safe!


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