A Monstrous Cookie Fail

Oh heavens, what a failure my November treats turned out to be!  I was planning on making adorable sugar cookies in the shape of leaves to represent when Conor finds his room strewn with leaves from the yew tree monster in A Monster Calls.  I have had some issues with sugar cookies spreading like crazy before (see the funny finger cookies from Under the Skin) so I made sure I found a no-spread recipe to try this time around.  I found one (which I’m not going to share since it was such a tremendous fail) that sounded pretty tasty.  A touch of almond extract?  Yes, please!
So, I thought that the dough looked too dry, but then I thought, errr, if I add water to it, it might be too sticky to roll out.  Did I mention that I have a hatred for roll out cookies?  The recipe actually said that I might need more flour even after I put in the required amount.  I knew it certainly didn’t require more flour, so I tried to make sure that it was all together and put it in the fridge to chill.  The recipe told me that I had to chill the dough for at least an hour, but that I could chill it for up to 24 hours.  I let it go for more than two and thought, okay, that should do it!

massive fail

Not so much, the dough was terribly crumbly and I could not get it to work.  So then, I thought, okay, well, I’ll put them into little dough balls.  Of course, they didn’t spread at all, and what I ended up with was some not-great-tasting dense balls of cookie . . . my trash can ate every single one of them.

I thought about trying again, but a few things stopped me:
  1. I was out of eggs.
  2. I had a training to attend about 45 minutes away from my home.
  3. I really really didn’t want to start over.
So, I decided to break down and just buy some cookies.  Meh, they weren’t great, but neither were mine.
I did serve a lovely Maple Walnut green tea (from now defunct Royal Tea House) and that, at least, was enjoyable!

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