Spooky treats!

cannoli ghostsFor October, I made these hysterically spooky cannoli ghosts.  They made me laugh . . . a lot.  Of course, when Kristin brought up pareidolia I thought maybe they didn’t look so ghostly after all.  Either way they were quite delicious (like I squeezed extra filling directly into my mouth delicious) and very easy to make!  I mostly followed the recipe from Cooking With Sugar, but I found that it made far more than just 16 cups.  I made this twice in a week and used the same filling.  I love using the roll out pie crust for all kinds of things and the addition of the sugar and the cinnamon to the crust really created a wonderful flavor and crunch.  I also put a few mini chips under the filling so you would still get the chocolately cannoli goodness with this bite size bits of heaven!blurry cannoli ghost

Pumpkin MoonFor our specialty tea, I provided a lovely little blend called Pumpkin Moon that I got from a place called Fezziwig’s (yes! Named after a character in December’s RI&S read A Christmas Carol) in Illinois.  Check out that honking big Chrysanthemum bud!  It was enjoyed by all (except me since I don’t like pumpkin).


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