English Toffee . . . nom nom nom

toffeeFor August’s book Pride & Prejudice, I decided to try my hand at some classic English Toffee.  There were a couple reasons for this including that I had a date with my Mommy the day after book club and toffee is her favorite.  Mostly though, it was that I had 99.9% of the ingredients on hand and wouldn’t have to put on real clothes and go to the store to make it.  The only thing I was missing was pecans for the topping, but we all got by just fine with only almonds on top.
This was the first time that I successfully used my candy thermometer!  So excited.  Last year, I tried to make Miss Tara some pralines and I thought I could get by not getting the temperature hot enough, but man oh man was I wrong.  Those pralines were a terrible fail.
This toffee, however, was not a fail.  It was a triumph!  It was so so easy to make and it made enough that I was able to share some with the rest of the staff.  Miss Angie liked it so much that she made a batch the following week!  I definitely recommend this recipe and I loved the flavor that the whiskey added.  I just used Jack Daniel’s as I thought my husband would be angry if I touched any of the good stuff.

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