Angels wept . . .

angel foodIt’s true, angels wept because I didn’t bake for our meeting in July.  I got busy and I went and bought two lovely angel food cakes from my local super market instead.  I did cut the strawberries and bring in some whipped cream though!  The cake was delicous, of course, because angel food cake always is.  We didn’t have even that many people, but we just about polished off both cakes.

It was when I was cleaning up that Melissa said to me, “Kate, did you remember to take a photo of cake?”  When I told her no she responded, “That’s okay, you can just go back to the store where you bought it and take one.”  Geez, that Melissa is a salty broad.  Sorry gang, even a domestic Goddess needs a day off.
Photo credit goes to Anica Martin and you can get a recipe for angel food cake here.  Or you can go buy one for like $2.99 at Superfresh.
Your choice.

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