The Hangman’s Daughter

hangmans illusThe Hangman’s Daughter was a book that the Steepers found to be a bit cumbersome.  We weren’t sure if it was because it was a translation from the German that maybe didn’t translate so well.  In the end, most of us agreed that we weren’t too eager to rush right out and read the second book in the series.

Recently, there have been far too many books that are titled The Someone’s Someone.  The Time-Traveller’s Wife, The Alchemist’s Daughter, The King’s Sister, etc. etc.  Ever notice that it’s somebody’s female relative?  We all kind of agreed that this book was mistitled.  It didn’t end up having too much to do with Magdelena.  She wasn’t even the third most important character. 

We did have some fun talking about the wonderful Horrors! Horrors! from the book, including some stunningly creepy black and red illustrations. To see more of them, check out the listing at Tower books.   Unfortunately, for those of us reading the ebook version, we missed out on these images, which, in my humble opinion really added to the book.

Some of our best Steeper quotes from the evening were as follows:

During a discussion of one character telling another to leave his work post to get a drink, most of us voiced that we’d be uncomfortable complying.  Steeper Colleen says, “Psh, if someone comes up to me at work and says ‘Go get a drink!’ I’m like, ‘Okay! I’m on it!’”

Finally, to show how loved I am as a librarian and as the moderator of our little book club, Steeper Tara informed me, “They’d burn you as a witch.”  So there’s that.     


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