Beauty and the Beach Cakes

Beach CakesFor September’s title Beauty Queens, I decided to make some sand cake.  Most of the recipes that I found (including the one I used) expected me to put it in a big pail.  I wanted something a bit classier (I know that’s funny coming from me) and a bit easier to serve, so I decided to make individual servings for each of our members.  I got adorable little plastic cups that made me think of drinks on a beach.

I also decided to make the “water” blue  … which turned out to be nigh impossible since I used french vanilla pudding.  French vanilla pudding is a bit yellow so I could only manage a tropical greenish blue water.  I had some fun drink umbrellas laying around and we all went to town on the extra Swedish fish.  Man, those things are tasty!  I also brought a bag of gummy worms to mimic the large snake described in the book.  I ended up eating most of those on my own.  Oh, well!  The sand  cakes were tasty and they looked great.

There are other sand cake recipes out there, but I knew I really wanted to use cream cheese in this one … so that’s what I did.


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