Frankenstein Yums

For the month of August … yes, I know, I know that it’s currently November … I wasn’t quite sure what sort of devious treat to make for my Steepers.

After doing some fruitless searching on the big bad web, I remembered being told of something called a “monster cookie.”  I thought, “Hmm, sure would be appropriate considering that we’ve read Frankenstein.”  Trouble was, I’ve never made or even had a monster cookie before so I didn’t know what made them monstrous.  A cursory google search confirmed that YES! I must make monster cookies!

A combination of oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and m&ms?!?  These cookies were so delicious that I made another batch about a week later.  Also, the recipe makes hordes of cookies.  HORDES.  The recipe says 36 regular sized and 22 giant cookies … I got more than 50 cookies out of a full batch and my cookies weren’t tiny.

Anyway, I loved these cookies so much, they were soft and chewy with a delightful crunch from the m&ms.  While I try not to make the same thing for book club over and over, I’m definitely adding this treat to my personal recipe box.

Find out how to make these delightful Monster Cookies here!

Once again, I apologize for a less than perfect picture.  Clearly, my phone is no longer taking good shots … shoulda added an instagram filter.

Sadly, we’re so far removed from our August meeting that I can no longer remember just what tea I served.  I guarantee that it was delicious.


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