Drink it up?!

killer verseSo, since I do my best to be a good librarian and citizen and not do things like break the law, I won’t include the text of this awesome poem that I read in a book called Killer Verse: Poems of Murder and Mayhem.  I thought it was far and away the best of the poems in the book and it is great for our book club … especially since the ladies at our discussion for And Then There Were None thought that I may have poisoned their death by chocolate.  I highly recommend the poem With or Without Milk by Philip Dacey.  It’s a delightful little bit of naughtiness that warns against drinking something that wasn’t made in front of you.  Those who saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows knows that Irene Adler learned that lesson the hard way.

So, while my review of Killer Verse is not to necessarily buy it, if you can get your hands on it, please flip to page 194/195 and enjoy the poem.  I think the steepers can sleep easily as I do always brew our tea of the month in front of them …

Thirsty?  Drink up! 🙂


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