One Last Thought about the Good Doc

So, when I was writing the Doctor Zhivago posting I was bummed to realize that I had left my notebook (the one that comes to meetings with me and that I jot the funny things that are said down in) wasn’t with me.  I thought, “Oh, no!  I left it my briefcase; I left my briefcase at home.”  I went home and found that my notebook was not in my briefcase …

Yeah … it was in my desk drawer the whole time. So sadly, I missed sharing one of my favorite quotes from the evening.  On the cover of one of many different copies of Doctor Zhivago that made an appearance at book club claims that the book is “one of the greatest love stories ever told.”  This started a discussion about whether we felt that the book was a love story.  Angela’s announced, “Well, I don’t speak for the Boris Pasternak estate, but … I don’t think he necessarily wrote it as a love story.”

We, in general, thought that this book was not actually a love story, just the story of a difficult life that had love in it.


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