In Mother Russia, Treats Have You!

blurry russian tea cakesFor the month of April, great thanks to Miss Valerie Green for the recommendation and recipe for Russian Tea cakes.  While the picture isn’t terribly pretty, the tea cakes were both lovely looking and delicious!  Click here for the recipe, which is from Betty Crocker.

A few words about these tasty treats …

1) I can be a little OCD, so when the recipe made exactly 30 cookies and a co-worker asked if I’d tasted them I looked at her like she was the crazy one.  “I can’t eat one,” I told her, “Then the number would be uneven.”  It wasn’t until someone else sampled them that I felt that I could have one too.

2)  Don’t breathe deep when eating one of these powdered sugar covered dreams.  You may end up inhaling some of that powdered sugar and nearly choking.  Trust me, that’s not how you want to make your exit from the world.

3) You’ll see on the recipe page that “These rich little cookies are extra-special when made with macadamia nuts.”  This is true.  While macadamias aren’t exactly cheap, they were the perfect nut to use for this recipe.

4) I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking “Hey!  My mom/grandma/friend Gloria/pastor’s wife etc makes those cookies and they are called Italian wedding cookies/snowballs/Mexican wedding cakes/Greek Kourabiethes/Meltaways.”

Sure they are.

For the discussion of Doctor Zhivago however, they were Russian Tea Cakes.  That’s what the recipe called them and that’s what I was calling them.  Deal with it. 🙂

For our specialty tea of the evening, I served a tea from R & R teas in West Grove, PA.  It was called “Ice Wine Tea” and it was very nice.  You could absolutely taste the grape, which sounds weird for tea, but was quite lovely.  Of course, my reason for choosing it was the inclusion of the word “ice” in the name.  Cause … you know … Russia’s cold!

See you in May for Swamp themed treats!


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