Treats that Bring Down the House!

To coincide with the book Bringing Down the House, I had intended to make some candy sushi (the characters eat a whole lotta sushi).  It was going to be adorable.  To see what it WOULD have looked like, check out the recipe here.
twiningsHowever, I was sick the week we met in March, so the Steepers had to make do with what I had made the weekend before in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.  That being said, it was Irish Cream fudge, so I’d say we made do just fine.  I ended up sticking with the good ol’ Irish theme by serving Twinings’ Irish Breakfast tea as our tea of the month.  This strong black tea paired beautifully with the fudge, but may have kept members from sleeping that night.

fudgeFind the recipe for the delicious Irish Cream Fudge.

Fair word of warning, I cut the sugar to about a half or three quarter cups of sugar.  With all the chocolate and fluff, I thought it would be plenty sweet … and it was!  Now, I’m not sure if it was because of the alcohol or because I cut the sugar, but it was very difficult to get the fudge to set.  I ended up throwing out a bit of it that I tried to do in molds.  If I were to make this again I would probably only make a quarter of the recipe.  I still have Irish Cream fudge in the fridge at home.  (Good thing it keeps and is delicious!)

My good friend Justin also provided us with a cake for book club. I thought it pretty appropriate that we read a book about gambling and the cake wished us “Good Luck!”

good luck


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