Daughter of Smoke and Bone treats

This month our treat was a delicious angel food cake (there are angels in the novel … it was the best I could come up with!).  It was SO GOOD that I never even took a picture of it and despite having fewer members at the meeting, there were no leftovers!  It was served with a choice of Cool Whip Free (just as good if not better than the full fat stuff), cherry pie filling (definitely NOT fat free), and a homemade last minute Maple glaze (also not fat free, but still super easy to make).

I’m including a link to (as Steeper Angela calls him) Mr. Brown’s angel food cake.  I prefer to use almond extract (or make it out of a box), but this is a nice easy recipe.

I made the maple glaze by whisking some maple syrup vigorously into some powdered sugar.  I add a little of either until I had the color, flavor, and consistency that I wanted.  It was pretty darn tasty!

Also for the first time we had a featured tea of the evening!  This month we celebrated a delightful black tea from R & R teas in West Grove, PA.  It was Caramel Spiced Apple and it was an aromatic and multi-textural taste explosion.  Perfect for November!  You can get this yummy tea (and plenty of others) at Whisk to Wine in Brickerville, PA.  They even have samples of some of their teas and the prices are very fair.  If you’re ever out by Lancaster, it’s worth a stop!

As an extra treat for the ladies of Read It & Steep, I bought wishbone ornaments for everyone.  Wishes and the idea of wishbones are heavily featured in Daughter of Smoke and Bone, so these adorable trinkets were the perfect tie-in, especially since we met right before Thanksgiving. May all your wishes come true!


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