Recipes for Discovery of Witches

It’s time to admit that Kate clearly has a problem.  There were SIX different treats for this month’s book club … not to mention a unbelievable dip made by Kristin and a delicious dip brought by Shantha, PLUS ice tea provided by Kassel in addition to our usual tea/coffee/cocoa offerings!

In homage to the book, there were witches’ hat cookies and ridiculously silly vanilla dipped marshmallow vampires. To round out the nod to Matthew and Diana, individual pumpkin pies with witch and vampire toothpicks! How funny are those marshmallows?!?

Also for the Steepers enjoyment, there was cream cheese mousse (candy corn colored, but not flavored!) and cinnamon strussel muffins (no link since they came from a box) AND red velvet chex mix.

The chex mix was a personal favorite, since it looked a bit like uncooked meat, which was mentioned in the book. I shall call them BLOODY MUDDY BUDDIES.

Again, it was probably too much, since several people attested to a sugar hangover the next day.


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