A Discovery of Witches

Well, THIS time, it’s not my fault that I’m late uploading info from October’s Read It & Steep.  I had the whole thing written and put together and tumblr somehow didn’t post it the first time and I’ve not been able to get through until now!

So, again, sorry for the delay. What fun we had discussing Deborah Harkness’ A Discovery of Witches and having a little early Halloween celebration too!  While many of us enjoyed the book ultimately, most of us agreed that it was just too long and often repetitive.  Do we need to know how many slices of toast that Diana consumes?  (And seriously, 9 in one sitting?  That’s A LOT of bread)  The book comes in at nearly 600 pages, when it really could get by by being less than 300.  Much of it is filler that is either confusing, boring, or just unnecessary to the narrative.  The majority of us aren’t going to rush out to read the sequel, Shadow of Night.  All that being said, we did have a ridiculous amount of fun discussing the book: the parts we liked (lots of tea), the parts we didn’t (no sex), and the parts we thought were just silly (Diana’s complete character 180).

Also, we decided to have a bit of a costume party.  Oddly enough, most of us dressed in red, white, and black . . . like a repeat of The Night Circus!  Here are some of our costumed cronies, posing with the big boss at the library.

Steeper Rachel, who didn’t enjoy or finish the book sent along an amusing goodreads review which can be found here.


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