Night Circus Special Event

It was an especially special evening at Read It & Steep in September.  As a nod to the book (performers dress only in black and white while devoted followers or “rêveurs” dress in black and white with just a pop of red) we decided to make this event costumed! Participants were invited to come in black and white with just a pop of red.

Everyone embraced the invitation to do so beautifully, coming with red shoes or red nails, or scarves, or jewelry.  The best moment came when a treat that had nothing to do with sugar … a real honest to goodness magician showed up!

The ladies (all of whom range in age from early twenties to mid sixties, but not all pictured above) were enthralled by Ari’s (dressed in black and white, of course) up close magic.  He opened the set by showing us how to change five one dollar bills into five twenty dollar bills and had us laughing and cheering over and over!  If you ever have need for a magician in the Philadelphia region, look no further.  Ari really put an exclamation point on our discussion of The Night Circus!
Read more about Ari Felber and his fantastic magic shows at:

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