Healthy Cupcakes?!

devils foodSo sorry for the delay!  It’s been two weeks since Read It & Steep met to discuss Black and I just haven’t gotten a chance to send an update!

We had entirely too much fun discussing this book.  It quickly became clear that we all took Black far less seriously then Ted Dekker intended!

This book is all about good and evil (in a very black and white kind of way) and discusses both fruit that is delicious and fruit that is dangerous (forbidden).  So, for our treat this month, I made devil’s food cupcakes (in black and white wrappers) served with cool whip and strawberries.

They were delicious and seemed to be a much bigger hit than the book was with most of our members!

They were also my “healthiest” of treats so far.  Because I use yogurt with cake mix, each cupcake was only 90 calories (+ a few for the cool whip free).  I got the idea from my pinterest obsession and you can find the recipe from  Hungry Girl here.



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