Under the Skin Finger Cookies

finger cookiesFor this month’s Read It & Steep meeting we read Under the Skin by Michel Faber.  What a creepy read!  To celebrate our first “horror” novel, I made Finger Cookies!  The idea came from the glorious Pinterest!  The originals did look much better than mine but, they were still delicious! See the originals here . . . Please also note her FABULOUS zombie head cake!

The only problem that occurred with the making of these cookies was that my sugar cookie recipe made them spread like crazy when they baked.  As you can see from my first picture, the fingers and knuckles looked pretty good when I shaped them.  I wish I had an in-between picture to share of the bloated and flattened fingers that came out of the oven.  I used two spatulas to reshape the fingers as best as I could while they were still hot and used a toothpick to try to recreate my lovely knuckle work!

finger cookies1All you need is a great sugar cookie recipe (here’s a no-spread one), slivered almonds (I left some with jagged edges to look like the fingernails had split and broken), and cocoa powder or cinnamon (I dusted mine with cinnamon to create a dirty look).  So, while these looked appropriately nasty, they were definitely a tasty treat to enjoy while we discussed Faber’s super creepy novel.  Also, we discussed just what Hollywood is going to do to this unique piece of work when the Scarlett Johansson film comes out.  Enjoy the cookies!


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