Terrible Teapot Tuesday: September

Hi all, sorry to have missed you in August. We took a much needed month off.  I’m back!

And friends, I’m back with a doozy of an unusual teapot. Check out this . . .  interesting . . . piece of tea art.


Fishing Teapot by Deborah Kaplan Evans.

I’m not quite sure what the inspiration was, but I know I wouldn’t be rushing to use this for my evening cuppa.

See this and more at Echostain’s Blog.


Terrible Teapot Tuesday: July

ElizabirdFriends, I simply had to share this sweet little pot called the Elizabird with you this month. I don’t know why Fitz & Floyd decided to design a teapot with Queen Elizabeth I as a duck, but I kinda love it. She’s a bit silly, but totally regal. I think the detail on her is pretty impressive. What do you think of the Queen Duck? You can find out more about this lovely little lady at Rexmidian where she is selling for a staggering $155! I love teapots, my friends, but like I’ve told you with lots of these pricey pieces, I can’t imagine spending that kind of money and using the teapot and that’s why it’s fun to have teapots, to drink out of ’em!

Hope you all had a lovely Independence Day (if you’re from the US). It was my birthday and it was lovely, though I didn’t receive any gift teapots.  Oh, well.

Terrible Teapot Tuesday: May 2016

Gnome Tea CozySo, I know it’s not an actual teapot, but I wanted to share something I thought was quite special. I found this amazing garden gnome tea cosy through wonderful British designer Cath Kidston. Friends, I love this thing. I find garden gnomes delightfully tacky and I think we all know my love of tea. Needless to say, I coveted this tea cosy.

That being said, I did not love the price tag nor that I had to spend extra monies for free shipping nor that I would have to wait for it to arrive from over the pond . . . I know, I know, first world problems.  Continue reading

Terrible Teapot Tuesday April Edition

basketball teapotGreetings, Friends! Well, I was up way too late watching an amazing win by the Villanova Wildcats, the 2016 NCAA National Champions! How are you today?

Sadly, I couldn’t find any Villanova themed terrible teapots to celebrate this big win . . . womp womp. However, even though it’s not completely terrible, I did find that the NBA has their very own teapot!

I especially enjoy that they’ve included the word “basketball” around the stopper, like we wouldn’t know what it was otherwise. Oh well. Congrats to Nova on a spectacular win!

You can see more about this teapot at Domitea.

Terrible Teapot Tuesday March 2016

IMG_4879This delightful not-too-terrible teapot was discovered at The People’s Light & Theatre. I am lucky enough to have an amazing big brother who let me know that the People’s Light production of Sense & Sensibility had an option for a Sunday matinee show that had a tea beforehand! He knows what a nutty Austenite I am, so, lovely gent that he is, he got us tickets. My brother, his wife, my mom & I had a delightful afternoon and evening at the theatre.

The tea offered some tasty treats (the macaroons were delightful!) and some interesting presentations on the show we were about to see. We loved seeing the design sketches for the costumes, which were simply stunning.

The very best part for me was when I asked at the table next to us if I could snap a photo of this crazy fox teapot, it turned out I was asking a friend from elementary school that I haven’t seen for many years!

So, while this teapot is unusual, I understand it’s not to the same level of terrible that I usually offer you all. Apologies, I’ll do my best to dig up something truly grotesque for next month!

If you’re in the area and are interested, I insist you go see the People’s Light production of Sense & Sensibility. It was simply stunning and we absolutely loved it. It runs until March 20. I may see you there as I would love to go again.

Terrible Teapot Tuesday

Reagan teapotWell, my friends, the presidential primaries are upon us. What better way to celebrate our amazing political party system then be drinking a cup of tea that you’ve poured out of former president Ronald Reagan’s nose?

I find this particular teapot particularly troublesome. Is the lid part of his hair? Do you pick up the pot by the ears?

I found this on pinterest, but unfortunately couldn’t track it down to it’s original home, which appeared to be ultra cool vintage site rubylane.com. Seriously, check the site out. It’s got some gorgeous stuff on it, if you like vintage & antique.

The teapot isn’t something I see myself trying to hunt down to add to my collection. This one just may haunt my dreams . . . along with the barrage of political commercials that we’re going to have to watch in the upcoming months.